Sell Your Business !


We have many serious buyers with substantial cash.

The first step to selling any business begins with preparation. 

Developing an exit plan for a business owner and then selling the company is a hands-on, time intensive project requiring a great deal of communication, collaboration and interaction.

With our long experience advising entrepreneurs and business owners, we can provide you with unbiased advice that will greatly improve the chances of a successful sale.

We will allocate enough time to fully understand your business and represent it and you in a professional way. 

Whatever stage your business is at, contact us to discuss your current issues, market conditions and provide you with valuable information.

Why do you need a Business Broker to sell your business?

Because of my position as an intermediary I can overcome many of the difficult situations that arise during negotiations which could be detrimental to the completion of the transaction.

I will do the following for you:

  • Protect the identity of your business and disclose it only to qualified buyers.
  • Require a written Offer to Purchase with substantial deposit before releasing detailed financial information.
  • Appraise your business, suggest ways to make it more salable, and package it in simple format which is easy to understand for the Purchaser.
  • Market your business through my extensive database, advertise it in various national and international newspapers, place it on the internet, on the MLS  system (upon your request) and on various commercial bulletins to be available for all brokers. I advertise my listings on several business for sale websites like
  • Always protecting  the identity of the business.


My Services Include:

  • Handle all calls, screen them and eliminate unqualified lookers,
  • Manage the details,
  • Prepare the offer,
  • Handle all negotiation,
  • Arrange lease or franchise transfer, 
  • Arrange appraisal,
  • Assist in preparing cash flow projections to the bank for financing,
  • Assist through the due diligence period,
  • Submit all documents for your solicitor's approval,
  • Assist with inventory taking
  • Keep the communications  going between the vendor, purchaser, solicitors, accountants, landlords, fanchisor, bank managers, etc.
  • Close the deal


You can take advantage of my experience to assist you in selling your business.

I look forward to your Contact!

Khaled Baranbo

Sales representative

RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp., Brokerage